What our clients have to say

JJ TEAPARTY was established in 1957 by Ed Leventhal and is the oldest continually running rare coin shop in Massachusetts. We initially came to Denver Gibbs because our .net website and server were out of date and we needed someone to quickly upgrade our website code to talk to our server.

Denver Gibbs and his team resolved the issue for us, and we were so pleased with the performance we then shifted our focus and asked them to update our 20 plus year-old program and corrupt database that was running on Microsoft Access. Denver Gibbs recommended moving our database to the cloud with a new and modern web based platform and we decided to take the recommendation.

The benefits from making that decision are priceless, now our staff can login via multiple devices and we are happy to not have to use remote login for our servers anymore. We have one database now and not multiple access databases on multiple servers. They upgraded everything and our staff is extremely pleased.

Denver and his team are a pleasure to work with. I would highly recommend them.

Gail Watson,
JJ TeaParty

At Watchman Waterproofing we found ourselves growing quickly and discovering the need for more Information Technology support than was available on the open market. The available programs were neither broad enough to satisfy our needs nor specific enough to streamline our operations. We ended up cobbling together several programs that were incompatible and expensive. The decision was made to hire a company to develop a custom software package that meets specifically what we needed, while giving us flexibility to learn, grow, and adjust as necessary. We chose Gibbs Software Solutions to take on our project.

Denver Gibbs has assembled a team with formidable technical talent that simply finds solutions and options for any challenge. The process of developing software for a specific purpose is complex and sometimes unpredictable. The Gibbs team simply focuses on the desire result and spares no effort to achieve it.

We now have a program that is powerful and precise. We named our program “Mother Duck”. Mother Duck streamlines our business processes and automates many functions that previously took a great deal of effort and coordination. We now have the opportunity to improve our business and customer service instead of trying to make sense of our data. Mother Duck is a commodity that enhances the company’s value as well as our value to the market. I highly recommend Gibbs Software Solutions.

Tim O'Brien,
Watchman Waterproofing